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We are almost surrounded by logos of every different brand. We identify the product by looking at its logo. Logos are the key element to any brand. If your business has a strong customer reach, people will eventually identify your product by its logo.

At Web Creatives, we offer Logo Design services to our clients to represent their brand in its most basic form. Web Creatives is the best logo design service providing company in Melbourne. A significant logo design requires a mixture of design skills, creative theory and skilful application. Logo design is done by understanding the multiple points such as product packaging, type of the product, photographic style, business cards, etc. Our work is to refine the essence of brand shape and colour because logos are what defines you and your business.

When the right logos are aligned with an extraordinary product and when it’s placed with a notable amount of time, it will become an invaluable advantage for any company. If we see something, we don’t read first instead we see the shape, the colour, and if it holds our attention, we will read. Therefore, the essential element for any business whether small or large, the logo is needed.

The Main Component For A Logo Design


The text in logo design is typography which is usually your brand name but you can choose any tagline or slogan.

Logo Mark

Logo Mark is something most people will say when they simply reference a logo design. Most people prefer a text-based logo or a simple representation of what their business is about.


The Colour of the logo represents a lot of things. Colours are the way to communicate different things. For example, the colour blue represents trust and a sense of initiation.


We cannot put the logo anywhere so, there has to be a recognisable place where the logo fits. Therefore, context is necessary for logo design.

The above four are the key components that we offer in our service and we work on while designing a logo.

Logo Designing starts from just $299

By using logo design term, if you are landed on this page we hope that you will like the above-shared content. At Web Creatives, we believe in satisfying our clients by fulfilling their requirements. Logo design is a marketing tool that is used to denote a business. We create logos that communicates, shares a message or a story.


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